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  Orchard Park Snow Goose

Published: January 11, 2023
Tags: General Observations, snow goose, wood duck, orchard park, alpine quarry, green lake

A Snow Goose has been hanging around my neck of the woods.  I first saw it on Dec. 14th just down the road from me at a place I still call Alpine Quarry.  I always slow down and take a look as I pass by the big pond down at the bottom of the quarry. I used to take my kids swimming here eons ago!  On that day in December, I was surprised to see something white down there among the many Canada Geese.  How fun when this white object turned out to be a Snow Goose!

Since then, the goose has been sighted at a couple of other places in Orchard Park: a farm field off Powers Road, another field on Newton Road (kitty corner to Josh Allen's new house!) and most recently, at Green Lake in the village.

It was nice to see a couple of male Wood Ducks at Green Lake on this bleak January day too.  They're so handsome and their flashy plumage brightened up my day!

blog photo
Snow Goose at Alpine Quarry on Dec 14th

blog photo
Snow Goose and a Canada Goose seen at Green Lake today

blog photo
A handsome Wood Duck at Green Lake

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