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  Pine Siskin and More

Published: March 23, 2011
Tags: My Feeders, Pine Siskin, Common Red Poll, Song Sparrow, Mockingbird, irruptions, Western New York

Today's snowy day brought a Pine Siskin around again. This is such a cute little bird that we don't see too often here in Western New York. This year's irruptions seemed to bring more Common Red Polls and Pine Siskins than past years, I heard from my bird list group. Many people reported large flocks of both species, but to date, I've only seen one at a time at my feeders.

Another bird that I find especially attractive is the Song Sparrow - not only are they physically cute to me in their plump, little striped outfits, but their songs are beautiful, lasting throughout the spring and summer.  Did you know that other birds, like the Mockingbird, cannot imitate their songs?

blog photo
The Song Sparrow, one of my favorites

blog photo
Song Sparrow

blog photo
A Male Downy Woodpecker perches for my ever-ready camera

blog photo
Female Dark-eyed Junco

blog photo
Male House Finch

blog photo
Female Pine Siskin - a rare sighting for me

blog photo
Pine Siskin

blog photo
Female Northern Cardinal

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