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  Pine Siskin - Finally!

Published: January 21, 2016
Tags: My Feeders, Pine Siskin, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Brown Creeper

We finally had a Pine Siskin show up at our feeders this morning. It continued to come on and off throughout the day, mixed in with a flock of American Goldfinches and House Finches. I was hoping he would bring some of his friends, but as it was, he was the only siskin. I'm hoping he'll be back with others AND some Common Redpolls!

As you may know, the Pine Siskin is an irruptive species, hailing from the north and coming down our way when food supplies wane.

Later in the day, at Buckhorn State Park, I saw my first of the year Sharp-shinned Hawk.  As is often the case with a sharpie, I was struck by its small size.  There were some other year firsts there too: Canvasback, Ring-necked Duck, and Brown Creeper.

blog photo
Pine Siskin

blog photo
Sharp-shinned Hawk

blog photo
Brown Creeper

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