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  Cazenovia Creek Nature Sanctuary and Chestnut Ridge Hikes

Published: April 29, 2012
Tags: Parks and Preserves, Cazenovia Creek Nature Sanctuary, Chestnut Ridge State Park, American Robin, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal

Today my son and I decided to check out a new nature preserve, officially opened only a couple of days ago.  We drove the short distance to East Aurora and checked out Cazenovia Creek Nature Sanctuary.  I must admit, we were both a bit disappointed.  The park is in a beautiful location and it's wonderful it's being protected for wildlife inhabitants. But - for hikers or bird enthusiasts, it's way too small.  You just get your legs stretched out and you're at the border where a sign tells you it's private property and you can't go beyond.  Ugh!  Oh well, it was worth a try.  We DID see a few birds there: American Robin, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Blue Jay, and Northern Cardinal.

After that park (we just weren't ready to be done), we went over to Chestnut Ridge State Park.  We had QUITE a walk there!  That park is large and beautiful.  It wasn't very birdy, though, but we heard the distinct "bark" of a Barred Owl.  We tried hard to find it, but no luck.

As for pictures,  well, I didn't do too well, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with a few of us and just a couple of common birds!

blog photo
Tom at the entrance to Caz Creek Nature Sanctuary

blog photo
Song Sparrow

blog photo
Red-winged Blackbird

blog photo
A difference entrance to Chestnut Ridge State Park than what I've used before. Nice trails are found along here and it's near where we heard the Barred Owl.

blog photo
Tom and his faithful friend, Iris (yes, she has one blue eye and one brown eye; she'spart Husky)

blog photo
I hate to even post this as I was tired and bedraggled after a 3+ hour walk! But oh well...

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