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  Spring and Turkey Vultures in the Air

Published: March 19, 2012
Tags: My Feeders, Turkey Vulture, American Robin, Purple Finch, Pileated Woodpecker, spring, WNY, Orchard Park

We've been enjoying such a WARM spring this year in WNY (Western New York).  It's not even officially spring yet and the thermometer has been consistently registering in the 70's every day these past few days - with many more wonderful days predicted to follow.  We put a new, raised, large deck onto the back of our home here in Orchard Park last summer and I foresee myself working / blogging, observing out here every day that I possibly can!

I always say there's lots to see when one really looks.  Spring brings so much busy-ness to "bird world" too - and there is so much to observe.

Apparently, there is a big raptor migration going on.  Certain nearby areas are known flight paths and people man a post at these locations to count the raptors flying overhead.  Turkey Vultures are, by far, in the highest numbers.  As my husband and I enjoyed some conversation out on our deck after dinner tonight, we watched a flock (cast, committee, meal, vortex, or wake) of these raptors form overhead.  First, one began circling, soon joined by a couple more from the east - then a few more from the west.  Soon, there were 14 circling above us.  It was an amazing spectacle.

Shortly after the raptors flew off to the north, we enjoyed a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers who dropped-in to browse a few of the mature trees located within a thicket a short way beyond the deck.  Unfortunately, they were scared off by our Fire House's 6 PM alarm before I could get a grab photos of the pair. Darn!

blog photo
A Blue Jay on a mission!

blog photo
The American Robin is back in our area in great numbers

blog photo
Purple Finches have arrived back here too. I missed them! Their songs are so beautiful.

blog photo
Male Purple Finch - isn't he a beauty?

blog photo
I never did get a picture of all 14 - but you get the idea.

blog photo
He's pretty darned UGLY up close!

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