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  A Birthday Treat at Sinking Ponds

Published: October 23, 2011
Tags: Parks and Preserves, sinking ponds, east aurora, ny, northern cardinal, downy woodpecker, canada goose, heron

It was a beautiful day on my birthday - and with so much to do getting ready for the later afternoon and evening festivities, I thought I'd better sneak out for a little bit while I could and treat myself to a little serenity and my favorite activity of birding.  I mean we MUST do at least ONE fun thing on our birthday; right?!

There wasn't much activity, but I did enjoy watching the Canada Geese lazily drifting around the pond. I think I may have seen a Bittern, Green or Tri-Colored Heron, though.  He was too far to ID him for sure, but it wasn't a goose, a duck, nor a Great Blue, so I'm fairly certain it was one of the others.

I was surprised I didn't see one Tree Swallow.  They were so abundant all summer! I saw a young female Northern Cardinal, though. I was surprised at how young she was. She must have been the result of a second brood for some lucky couple.

blog photo
Three in a row!

blog photo
Canadian Goose

blog photo
Shake it off!

blog photo
Young, female Northern Cardinal

blog photo
She looks a little scrufty here...

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