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  A Lifelist Addition: an American Redstart Visits!

Published: August 13, 2011
Tags: Life List Happenings, American Redstart, sumac, pines

A few days ago, as I was watching the trees for any bird activity, as I usually do in any free time I might grab, I saw a startling flash of orange. The bird the vibrant color was attached to was way too small to be a Baltimore Oriole - a juvenile, perhaps?  No!  I hastily thumbed through all the warblers in my phone's bird app, alternating my glasses with my binoculars. I finally identified my very cute visitor as a male American Redstart - a life list addition!

Two days later, a female came by very late in the day.  She was deep in the pines and sumac and the poor lighting made the one photo I was able to grab of her even poorer than her male counterpart's a couple of days earlier - but at least I got to document my sightings!  I feel very happy to have gotten to see both a male and a female within a couple of days!

blog photo
A male American Redstart

blog photo
Male American Redstart

blog photo
The female looks dramatically different from the male in this species!

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