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  Blizzard Effects

Published: December 26, 2022
Tags: My Feeders, wny, blizzard, snowstorm, catbird, gray catbird

The deadly blizzard that has been raging for three days now has had some devastating effects.  People have been found stranded in their cars, some frozen to death, others without heat or electricity, and everyone worried about family and friends - especially on this important holiday weekend.  It's been a nightmare.

I've been trying to keep the feeders clear and full but the fierce hurricane-force winds are making that close to impossible.  Friends have reported dead birds at their homes, frozen in snow banks while others have found Tundra Swans and gulls frozen along the lake front.  It's been awful for man and beast - and bird.

This poor Gray Catbird somehow found its way to my house and tried taking refuge under the little overhang on this seed feeder.  He didn't look too good and I have a feeling he didn't make it through the night.  I put out some mealworms and suet for him in hopes he'd find them and survive but I'm not too optimistic.

I hope everyone else is faring well through this horrible blizzard.  If it's safe to go outside to your feeders, try to find some creative ways to provide food and shelter for your birds!

blog photo
Gray Catbird trying to shelter from the blizzard

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