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  Parenting: Devoted Woodpeckers Cardinals, and Yellow Warblers

Published: June 30, 2011
Tags: General Observations, Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, parenting, feeding, bark butter

Lately, I've been enjoying the bird world of parenting. With so many newly fledged birds coming to our feeders, it's been fascinating to watch how the parents continue to care for their young, even out of the nest.

I've been entertained and touched while watching White-breasted Nuthatches feeding their frolicking young, a Northern Cardinal daddy feeding his 2 daughters, and a very busy Downy Woodpecker dad feeding his 2 sons and daughter. The Downies seem to have no fear so I've enjoyed some very close moments of them. The young boys and girl will CRY to Daddy for food - even though they're perfectly capable of eating the bark butter on the tree, themselves - and they DO eat it when Daddy's not around!  But the father continues to be motivated by his crying children.

Those young ones still in the nest, are attended to with great vigor.  They must grow very quickly and must require a LOT of food. Momma and Papa Yellow Warbler are kept extremely busy these days. I paid them a visit and was able to capture a couple of updated photos of this wonderful life happening.

Here are a few photos I captured of these touching moments...

blog photo
A Downy woodpecker feeding bark butter to his young son. And how sweet is this - the young male's eyes are closed.

blog photo
Although she's perfectly capable, he still succumbs to her cries to be fed!

blog photo
A father Northern Cardinal feeds his young daughter

blog photo
You can make out one of the 2 baby Yellow Warblers. How can something so little keep his parents SO BUSY; right?!

blog photo
Daddy pops in to feed his young. It's hard to see, but there are 2 little chickies in the nest to his upper left.

blog photo
Another fly for babies!

blog photo
Daddy pauses on his way out of the nest to return to fly catching.

blog photo
Sooooo busy fly catching!

Reply from: Marge on 7/1/2011 11:09 AM
 Sue - the parent pictures are great! I couldn't help thinking what a nice bird book for children these pictures would make with your cute comments.

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