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House Wrens Housekeeping

Published June 16, 2011
Tags: General Observations, House Wren, Red-eyed vireo, birdhouse, nest

On Mother's Day, a few weeks ago, my mom gave me the cutest little log cabin style bird house.  My husband and I hung it up when I got home later that day and I've been watching it ever since.

This morning, a very vocal songster commanded my attention as I was filling up the feeders. He was perched right near the little bird house and then, to my delight, he went inside it.  As I continued to watch throughout the morning, I realized there was a pair of House Wrens industriously setting up house!  How exciting!

I took some photos - they didn't seem to mind. I'm anxious to see how things turn out.
bird photo
The little log cabin bird house my mom gave me on Mother's day
bird photo
Taking a twig into the house
bird photo
One of the House Wrens
bird photo
He wasn't very afraid of me and let me walk quite close
bird photo
When he/she wasn't building the nest, he was singing
bird photo
Oh, how he LOVES to sing!