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  Inspiration from a Broad-winged Hawk

Published: August 20, 2019
Tags: My Feeders, broad-winged hawk

As I watched this beauty fly over my yard, I felt inspired to put it to verse...

Twas a hot, muggy Tuesday -
and ohhh, the chatter!

Finches, orioles, nuthatches -
I couldn't be gladder.

But soon a great silence descended on all.
The birds - they were frozen and afraid to call.

I looked up to see hovering above
my chickadees, titmice, and mourning dove...

a dark, looming shadow, a broad-winged or coop?
I grabbed a quick photo before it might swoop.

That frightened him off - up, up and away!
My birdies shall live to sing one more day!

A Broad-winged it was, so the photo does tell.
And all is again good - it ended quite well.

blog photo
A beautiful, adult Broad-winged Hawk soaring over my yard.

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