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  Breeding Towhees at Woodlawn

Published: August 07, 2019
Tags: General Observations, eastern towhee, black-crowned night heron, cooper's hawk

As I walked through Woodlawn Beach SP yesterday, I came upon a pair of Eastern Towhees who were very busy catching insects for their young.  I never saw the offspring, but I really enjoyed watching the parents scurry about!

blog photo
Both of these adult Eastern Towhees were hard at work providing food for their young, that remained hidden in the bushes.

blog photo
Female in the back (with a grasshopper in its bill) and the in-focus male in front

blog photo
A good look at the more secretive female with an insect in its bill

blog photo
Adult Black-crowned Night Heron a ways down the creek

blog photo
A young Gray Catbird giving me a sideways glance

blog photo
A young juvenile Cooper's Hawk peers out at me. He kept things pretty quiet for awhile!

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