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  Whimbrel and Black-bellied Plover in Buffalo

Published: June 02, 2019
Tags: Rarities, whimbrel, black-bellied plover, glaucous gull

I stopped along the Buffalo waterfront the last two days, hoping to find some late migrating shorebirds.  I was thrilled to see a Whimbrel out on the breakwall at the Seaway Slip at the Outer Harbor.  I've not seen one in spring before, so this was a fun sighting for me.  The Whimbrel stayed the entire morning and quite a few people came to see it.  That's always rewarding!  Please forgive the photos - they were taken from a distance!

The next day, I stopped there again and found a Black-bellied Plover in the field.  He didn't stay long but at least gave me a couple of minutes to capture some documentation shots of him.  This is another bird I haven't seen in Western New York in spring before.

blog photo
A distant shot of the Whimbrel out on the breakwall

blog photo
Another shot of the Whimbrel

blog photo
The Glaucous Gull continues at Woodlawn

blog photo
Black-bellied Plover

blog photo
Black-bellied Plover cocking his head to either look to the sky for predators or listen for "food stuff" in the field - I wasn't sure. I saw him do this several times.

blog photo
Black-bellied Plover circling the Seaway Slip before heading out.

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