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  Birding the Day After

Published: October 14, 2018
Tags: Parks and Preserves, Brant, Indigo Bunting, Eastern Towhee, Northern Pintail

Yesterday was the BOS October Count and today would normally be a day I'd take off and relax.  For some reason, though, I felt a pull to get back "out there"...  And I'm glad I did because I enjoyed a few nice sightings.

There were four Brant on the naval stations's lawn seen through the fence at Times Beach.  We just had a very cooperative young Brant visiting the area recently so this sighting was a surprise as they don't stop along Lake Erie very often.

Walking back from the blind, I noticed it was unusually quiet.  I heard a couple of very soft cheeps and I stopped to look around.  Nothing.  I took a step and "whoosh"!!!  My first thought  was I had flushed a Ruffed Grouse!  That would be very unlikely but that's what I thought.  The noise was thunderous as at least 20 sparrows and juncos all flew out of the leaf litter with a powerful rush of their wings.  In the next second, a Cooper's Hawk swooped in but came up empty.  Well, that explained everything.  The young coop took a perch in a small tree and let me get a few photos of him - he must have been very hungry.  His head kept cocking from one side to the other, listening for anything he could call "lunch".   I left him to his hunt, hoping he'd move up front and go for a House Sparrow or starling.

A couple of other nice birds today were a female Eastern Towhee, two Fox Sparrows, my first of the season, and a late Indigo Bunting.  The bunting must be a male as there's still a good amount of blue on his back and I heard him sing once.  Three Tree Swallows flew overhead, the first I've seen in at least a couple of weeks.  And ducks are coming in.  I had 3 Northern Pintails (one of my favorites) and a Northern Shoveler fly over, some Gadwall on the pond, and 3 Lesser Scaup flew in and settled on the pond.  These are signs of winter, which I'm not ready for, but I am always happy to see new arrivals!

blog photo
Brant seen at Times Beach

blog photo
Young Cooper's Hawk

blog photo
Cooper's Hawk listening for "lunch"

blog photo
Eastern Towhee (female)

blog photo
Indigo Bunting

blog photo
Three Northern Pintail and a Northern Shoveler

blog photo
Winter Wren

Reply from: Willie D'Anna on 10/15/2018 5:59 AM
 Wow! You had a good day, Sue! I saw your checklist too. Really impressive! I could use those Brant in Niagara County, please!
Reply from: Sue on 10/15/2018 6:46 AM
 Thanks, Willie! If I see another, I'll be sure to send it up north. I'm surprised you haven't had any yet. Usually, it's the other way around. I wonder what forces are at work here!

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