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  Clay-colored Sparrow at Times Beach NP

Published: September 24, 2018
Tags: General Observations, times beach nature preserve, clay-colored sparrow, black-throated green warbler

Walking through Times Beach on this breezy but beautiful autumn day was so pleasant and relaxing.  There wasn't a lot going on but there were enough warblers and a couple of thrushes to keep my continually roving eyes happy.

At one point, I stopped to look over a small'ish sparrow that landed in a short sumac.  I saw an eye-ring and a pink bill - and I thought it was an "odd looking Field Sparrow".  When it turned its head though, I clearly saw the unique facial pattern of a Clay-colored Sparrow. Nice!  Instinct kicked-in and I went for my camera to document the uncommon visitor (uncommon in Erie County).  This guy did as so many others do:  he flew just when I got my hands on my camera!  How do they know?

The sparrow had launched himself into the field of wildflowers, thistle, and weeds - and it was nearly half an hour before I finally got a second look at him.  As I doggedly searched for him, I worried that I had mistaken the ID - or worse - fabricated the little guy in my mind!  Thankfully, at my THIRD look, I finally got a few backlit but over-exposed photos that I felt would be good enough for documentation purposes.

Later, when another birder (Kevin R) joined to look for the sparrow, we were treated with a leisurely look at the special bird as he perched himself in a small shrub and entertained us for several minutes.  Kevin captured some digi-binned photos, a unique talent of his, and I got some better shots that I was somewhat satisfied with, despite the back-lighting.

I wrapped up my visit by finding a few more warblers, and enjoyed an especially cooperative female Black-throated Green.

Enjoy the mediocre photos!

blog photo
Clay-colored Sparrow - an uncommon visitor to Erie County

blog photo
Clay-colored Sparrow

blog photo
Clay-colored Sparrow

blog photo
This shot shows off the gray nape nicely

blog photo
Female Black-throated Green Warbler

blog photo
Black-throated Green Warbler

blog photo
An Orange sulphur was a nice sight - many Monarchs are still migrating through the area too.

Reply from: Fototaker Tony on 10/11/2018 9:06 AM
 Great imagery in my book! Great colors you captured and great you were even able to see them. They are so small and fly off fast, as you know they know so they go!!! Saludos and thanks for sharing!!

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