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  Prothonotary Warbler at Beaver Island

Published: July 26, 2020
Tags: Migration, prothonotary warbler, american pipit, solitary sandpiper, lesser yellowlegs, golden-winged warbler, hooded warbler, pine siskin

As we dive into the "Magical" month of May, the birders in Western New York are all psyched up like little kids waiting outside their favorite candy store waiting for it to open.  Usher in the warblers!

As I was birding at Beaver Island SP on the 6th, I bumped into Debbie, who said she found a Prothonotary Warbler there the day before.  She showed me where the spot and we both searched for it, hoping it had stayed another day.  Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen.  We parted company and I continued birding for a couple more hours.  Just before I left the park, I thought I'd give that area one more try.  To my great surprise, the Prothonotary was there hunting insects by the creek.  Prothonotary Warblers are stunning birds - a deep shade of yellow, like a school bus yellow - with blue/gray wings, black eyes and feet.  It's uncommon in Erie County - and for me to see one two years in a row in the county was just wonderful.  The bird seemed quite content to hunt as I fired off a bunch of photos, doing my best to keep out of its way.

Other nice birds I saw during the first half of the month were a Golden-winged Warbler that Alec spotted as we were birding together at Beaver Island SP on the 14th and then a stray Pine Siskin at home that, by all rights, shouldn't be here.  These winter finches were "supposed" to stay up north this year because of the abundant pine cone crops.  I'm not sure why this guy didn't get the memo but I was very happy to see him!

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