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  Early Spring at Chestnut Ridge Park

Published: April 07, 2011
Tags: Parks and Preserves, Chestnut Ridge State Park, Pileated Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, bird blind, binoculars

I purchased a new pair of binoculars and a pair of hiking boots! I was quite anxious to try them out but I wasn't sure where I wanted to trek off to.  My son and his dog, Iris were heading out to Chestnut Ridge State Park, so I invited myself along and they graciously conceded.  We took 2 cars, just in case I gave out before they did - and since the park is only minutes away from us, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out my new equipment.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I also bought a one-man bird blind.  It's actually a hunting blind, but I think it should serve well for photographing wildlife.

It was a bit chilly and snow was still on the ground, but we soon warmed up as we headed up and down the hilly terrain.  Right off the bat, we heard the drumming of a Pileated Woodpecker. This hyped me up for great adventure!  However, the trip proved to be a bust as far as birding went.

Tom helped me set up the photo blind and I sat and waited for birds to show up - any bird - even just one!  But nothing; nada.  As I began to contemplate how I was going to manage folding up that blind myself, Tom and Iris came up the path, calling out the Black-capped Chickadee's two toned whistle.  I didn't fall for it; I knew it was Tom! So thankfully, he helped me get that crazy thing collapsed and packed away and we returned home. I had more luck in the yard photographing a few birds - and even caught a poor photo from a very long distance away of an Eastern Bluebird! This is the first Bluebird I've seen in many years!

blog photo
Me wearing my new binoculars and hiking boots

blog photo
My son, Tom - where's Iris?

blog photo
A very poor photo of an Eastern Bluebird - quite a distance, but at least I got it!

blog photo
Male American Goldfinch

blog photo
An American Tree Sparrow heartily singing a beautiful song

blog photo
American Tree Sparrow showing off his red peak

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