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Goldfinches Go Gold

Published April 04, 2011
Tags: My Feeders, American Goldfinch, Orchard Park, molt, nesting, breeding plumage

As spring is ever so slowly creeping to Orchard Park, I take reassurance that it's coming in that our American Goldfinches are surely changing.  The males are especially becoming more and more beautiful as they lose their winter drabs and don their breeding plumage.  I have some photos taken over the past few weeks to show their progress. You'll have to use your imagination to add their much more animated singing voices!

Factoid: this is the only finch that has a second molt in the spring. All other species in this family have just one molt each year in autumn. They're also one of the latest nesting birds - starting in late June or early July. By this time, most other birds are all done breeding.
bird photo
April 4th - this male is almost there!
bird photo
March 21st
bird photo
March 18th
bird photo
March 12th
bird photo
February 25th - evidence of molting has begun
bird photo
February 25th - front view of a male who has just started the molting process
Reply from: Marge on 4/12/2011 7:58 PM
 Sue - your pictures are so interesting and a blue bird!!! I, too, have not seen one in a very long time. What a treat! E