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  A Quick Check for Least Bitterns

Published: June 05, 2015
Tags: Parks and Preserves, Least Bittern, Eastern Bluebird, Gray Catbird, tifft

This morning, I tried for about the fourth time to find a Least Bittern at Tifft Nature Preserve. Last year, they were so much easier!  Finally, today, though, I found one on my last lap around the south end of the preserve. I watched as it slowly positioned itself on the reeds and began hunting for frogs or crayfish. Unfortunately, a work call came and I needed to get back to my office so I didn't have any more time to linger. He was a beauty, though, and I hope to get back soon!

A Gray Catbird seemed to want his photo taken as I was looking for the bittern - and a female Eastern Bluebird was busy gathering food for her young. Wonderful sights on a beautiful morning - I wish it could have lasted longer!

blog photo
Least Bittern ready for the hunt

blog photo
Gray Catbird

blog photo
Eastern Bluebird (female)

blog photo
Eastern Bluebird carrying food for her young

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