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Mother's Day on Onondaga Trail

Published May 10, 2015
Tags: Parks and Preserves, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Hooded Warbler, Eastern Kingbird, Virginia Rail

My son's gift to me this Mother's Day was his company on a day of hiking and birding anywhere I wanted. I finally chose Onondaga Trail in Iroquois and we had a great time together.

A few nice sightings we had included a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a pair of nesting Eastern Kingbirds, a singing male Hooded Warbler, a very boisterous Virginia Rail calling in the reeds, several Blue-winged Warblers, and a Great-crested flycatcher.  I got photos of most of those but not all!
bird photo
Sharp=shinned Hawk
bird photo
Eastern Kingbird on nest
bird photo
Hooded Warbler
bird photo
Hooded Warbler singing
bird photo
Teeny view of a Virginia Rail