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  American Avocets at Dunkirk - an Annual Event?

Published: July 08, 2014
Tags: General Observations, American Avocet

Today, five American Avocets were found by Gale VerHague at Wright Park Beach in Dunkirk. Last year, almost to the day, Gale's husband found two avocets at the same location! Gale and I had had a conversation in the morning about the possibility of finding some good shorebirds along the beaches because of the strong thunderstorms last night. These storm conditions can bring down migrating shorebirds, causing them to seek refuge until conditions lighten.

Gale was right on! She checked the beach in the early morning and then again in the late afternoon. Sure enough, her second check was fruitful! These five, gorgeous avocets were a real treat!  Thanks for going out there and checking, Gale!  If you've never read Gale's blog, by the way, check out her beautiful photos at:

blog photo
American Avocet (female)

blog photo
The group of five American Avocets

blog photo
American Avocets - female on the far left

blog photo
American Avocet

blog photo
A little preening

blog photo
American Avocets

Reply from: Gerry Rising on 7/10/2014 3:24 PM
 Sue, your group of five avocets is one of the finest nature photos I have ever seen. Great job.
Reply from: Sue on 7/12/2014 7:08 AM
 Thank you very much, Gerry. Coming from you, that's an especially nice compliment!
Reply from: Marilyn O'Connell on 7/18/2014 7:48 AM
 I am so envious! Have had to work 6-7 days a week since back in April! No birding!!! Lucky you, not so lucky me! Love your blogs and pix!!! One of these days......
Reply from: Sue on 7/18/2014 9:49 AM
 Ouch, that's a tough schedule, Marilyn! You make it all worthwhile though, for all of us, your customers! I just stocked up on some bark butter bits and shelled peanuts to take with me to the Adirondacks. As a matter of fact, I was so glad I was all packed when the RBA came in about the avocets because I was leaving really early the next morning for that trip. So, thankfully, I was able to run down to Dunkirk to see the avocets. Otherwise, I probably would have missed them too!

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