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  Cooper's Hawk Takes a Jay

Published: August 01, 2020
Tags: My Feeders, cooper's hawk, blue jay

While I was working at my desk, I was interrupted by the sound of a huge rush of wings.  Birds flushed in an instant and were flying helter skelter outside my window in every direction.  The ensuing hysteria was accompanied by the screams of several Blue Jays.

I went outside to see what was going on and I saw an adult Cooper's Hawk on the ground pinning down a young Blue Jay.  I went back for my camera to capture the disturbing moment - and then watched while the coop took off with its young victim.  Sometimes, I must admit, the Blue Jays seem to scream and yell for no apparent reason and I often wish they would just be quiet.  Today, though, my heart went out to them and I couldn't begrudge their protests and outrage.  Nature can be harsh.

blog photo
An adult Cooper's Hawk holding down a young Blue Jay

blog photo
The hawk took off with its prey

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