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  Franklin's Gull in Hamburg

Published: October 25, 2018
Tags: General Observations, franklin's gull

Here's a short post to mention a nice gull found at Woodlawn Beach State Park today...

A couple of days ago, I had a two hour block of time between a birthday lunch and my birthday dinner.  I decided to walk the beach at Woodlawn to enjoy the peace of the lake and check out the gulls.  I noticed an odd looking gull in my scope waaaay far down the beach.  Its head appeared to be a bit darker than what we should be seeing on our currently non-breeding plumaged Bonaparte's Gulls, so I thought it was worth getting a closer look to check it out.  As I walked along, I checked through my scope every now and then - and the gull looked better and better each time for a Laughing Gull or Franklin's Gull.

Eventually, when I got close enough to see some of its characteristics a little better, I was fairly certain it was a Franklin's Gull.  The dark head, those beautiful wide white eye arcs, and the darker mantle of mixed shades of brown and gray all looked good for a juvenile Franklin's Gull.  I took some photos to confirm and document this infrequent visitor to Western New York.  I later learned that the bird's half hood is a good fieldmark for a Franklin's Gull, separating it from a Laughing Gull.  That, as well as its white'ish hindneck and smaller bill are good fieldmarks to remember.

Happy birthday to me!

PS - just a little plug for the restaurant we went to for dinner, Mulberry Italian Ristorante on Jackson Avenue in Lackawanna:  we really enjoyed our dinners and highly recommend this place!  Apparently, they were featured on the Food Network too!  It's a "Must Go"!

blog photo
Juvenile Franklin's Gull

blog photo
Oddly, he wasn't associating with any of the other gulls further north on the beach

blog photo
He made short forays out over the water then returned to the beach

blog photo
A Greater Yellowlegs flew overhead as I made my way back to my car

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