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  Mrs. Pine Warbler!

Published: April 19, 2011
Tags: My Feeders, Pine Warbler, pine trees, deciduous

When will winter END?! Today was another snowy day here in Western New York. By mid-April, we expect some sunny skies and warmer temps, but we never got above 35 today and snow fell on and off all day long.

In spite of the snow, Mrs. Pine Warbler came by, unaccompanied by her mate.  I'm assuming they're mates, however, I really don't know if these two have paired up or not.  This little female was a little drier than her counterpart the other day, as that windy rainy day turned into a wet snowy day today.

Pine Warblers prefer to nest in pine trees as their name indicates. We have some pines around our property, but it's mostly deciduous, so I'm wondering if these little guys are just passing through.

blog photo
Mrs. Pine Warbler

blog photo
She only stayed for a little while - hope she returns!

blog photo
A female Purple Finch - they're still coming every day

blog photo
A male Purple Finch taking a stretch

blog photo
A Song Sparrow stoicly endures the April snow

blog photo
Red Squirrel - I kept shoo'ing him away from the bird's food ALL day!

Reply from: Lynn on 4/28/2011 7:49 AM
 I know the red squirrel is a pest, but he sure looks innocent and cute in your photo! Your pictures are wonderful.

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